hangover outfit

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hair: ::Exile:: Betty Lou:Marone (suscribo gift, inside the ::Exile:: Betty Lou:Marone pack by ::Exile:: EXILE).
sweater: {SMS} Sweater Spa Splosh GG (group gift by {SMS} So Many Styles).
pants: ShuShu trend GOOD MORNING capri pants gray DEMO - MESH (for free in the Second Life Marketplace by ShuShu Congrejo https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PROMO-ShuShuShu-GOOD-MORNING-capri-gray-wearable-DEMO-MESH/3924978).
feet: MI Mesh Ladies Tip Toe Feet - Fashion Kit (for free in the Second Life Marketplace by Meli Imako https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FREE-Full-Perm-Rigged-Mesh-Ladies-Meli-Tip-Toe-Bare-Feet-Fashion-Kit/4024428).
teddy bear: "Friendship Bear" (for free in the Second Life Marketplace by Damien Fate ➩  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FREE-Friendship-Bear-2012-Edition/4159185).

*please note that you will need knowlegde on any program for images treatment if you want to mix the clothes shown in this post, due to alpha layer need. also you will need knowlegde on building if you want to use the free feet by Meli Imako.

date: 12-02-12.

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