izm. is wishing us merry xmas with a nice gift in a lucky letter (it changes every 30 minutes, but sometimes the owner, Komachi Lemon is around and forces it for a earlier prize delivery, thanks Komachi!! ;-)).
its really a very good design, high quality one (as always in izm.). it in the first picture (izm.Rabbit fur jacket coat).

there is also a group gift (fee to join, 100L$, but its wotrh it because izm. always have group gifts, all of them very good ones), it is the same rabbit jacket but in red version and with knee socks. in the second pic, izm. Christmas gift jacket@Cat holic group.

and only for group members, there are two lucky letters (one with the first prize i talked about above), and other with soft sweet pink fur socks. they look really lovely!!! (see it also in the first picture, they are called izm. fur socks pink).

date: 12-19-10.

less freebies and trinkets posted in the blog

lately im having a lot of new exciting projects in sl and rl... so im not having time enough for hunts, lucky letters, group gifts, freebies nor dollarbies.
im very sorry for that, i see many of you are asking about it, and also i see you visiting my blog waiting for it.
i will post some, but not as often as i did last months. and i hope i again will post them frequently, but you know... i need 48h days in my life for everything i wanna do!! xD

thanks for your comprehension.