time for hot chocolate outfit

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hair: *Dura*Group Gift For women(2012/12) (group gift, by Dura ➩ Dura Main Shop [Hair Shop]).

sweater: *RibboN* NukuNuku-oneP(LB-deer) BOX (lucky letter prize, by *RibboN* ➩ *RibboN*).

boots: LB Prize Ugg Boots (lucky letter prize, by .::.Bella's Lullaby.::. ➩ .::.Bella's Lullaby.::.).

date: 12-30-12.

cold winter xmas outfit

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hair: mint earth (inside an Analoig Dog freeball, by Analog Dog ➩ Analog Dog Hair).

jacket: PARADISIS Yoko's jacket : Group gift and new release infos (subscribo gift, by PARADISIS  PARADISIS Mainstore).

sweater: :::Sn@tch Coquette Top (Silver-S)::: (lucky letter prize, by Sn@tch ➩ Sn@tch).

pants: *Airflow* Group gift " Roll up denim for Lady" (group gift, by Airflow ➩ Airflow).

boots: *Anymore winter wedge boots (hunt prize for the Hunting For Winter hunt, by Anymore ➩  Anymore StOrE).

date: 12-29-12.

wishing you a merry xmas

*G Field*

are you ready for christmas day? enjoy your meal with your loved ones, and be the prettiest girl :)
you will find a christmas mesh dress for free in light blue and red in this shop for free.

in the picture, the light blue version of the *GF* 2012 Holiday Gift Dress [Mesh].

date: 12-25-12.


you are lucky when you get a pair of high quality shoes for free. so dont you miss out this pair of red boots from LaRoo. you will find them as a subscriber gift.

in the picture, (LaRoo) Clyde Boots (Subscriber Gift).

date: 12-25-12.

ZUP::.. Store

in the same style of the last store, and also in the same parcel, there are two lucky boards in this shop.

in the picture, shirt and shorts from the ::Zup:: Spring Mesh Outfit Owl Black lucky board price.

date: 12-24-12.

NS::.. store

wanna try a sexy outfit for xmas? wanna feel comfortable? wanna look cute?
then you must visit this store!!

there are some free gifts beside the christmas tree and lucky boards inside.

in the first picture, dress from the lucky board price called NS:: PINK PUNK OUTFIT.
in the second picture, sweater called NS:: u`re Perfect to me Sweater (note that it is for not very big shapes).

date: 12-24-12.

BoHo HoBo

the gift in BoHo HoBo for the Peace on Earth Hunt is a very nice and colorful mesh cardigan. dont miss it, you will need it this winter and its quality is great!
it is called BoHo HoBo Peace on Earth Sweater.

in the shop you can check other gifts in the subscriber.

date: 12-10-12.

hangover outfit

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hair: ::Exile:: Betty Lou:Marone (suscribo gift, inside the ::Exile:: Betty Lou:Marone pack by ::Exile:: EXILE).
sweater: {SMS} Sweater Spa Splosh GG (group gift by {SMS} So Many Styles).
pants: ShuShu trend GOOD MORNING capri pants gray DEMO - MESH (for free in the Second Life Marketplace by ShuShu Congrejo https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PROMO-ShuShuShu-GOOD-MORNING-capri-gray-wearable-DEMO-MESH/3924978).
feet: MI Mesh Ladies Tip Toe Feet - Fashion Kit (for free in the Second Life Marketplace by Meli Imako https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FREE-Full-Perm-Rigged-Mesh-Ladies-Meli-Tip-Toe-Bare-Feet-Fashion-Kit/4024428).
teddy bear: "Friendship Bear" (for free in the Second Life Marketplace by Damien Fate ➩  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FREE-Friendship-Bear-2012-Edition/4159185).

*please note that you will need knowlegde on any program for images treatment if you want to mix the clothes shown in this post, due to alpha layer need. also you will need knowlegde on building if you want to use the free feet by Meli Imako.

date: 12-02-12.


perfect for winter calm evenings, AL VULO! comes with a new skin as a group gift: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Eleonor ] - [ -Son of Flowers  ] group gift.

date: 12-02-12.