izm main store

oh... a very cute lightsea color blouse is waiting for you in a lucky letter... it changes every 30 minutes (lucky letters for no group members).

also there is a pack of tartan pants and belt, girl and boy versions, for just 1 L$.

in the picture, you can see the izm. summer shirt mint.

date: 08-31-2010.


there is a gift in [kik], a very cute hair accesory, flowers in red (two versions, one or two flowers). check it in the pic below and dont miss it! you will get it in the Milanimox lm.

in the mainstore (Rhizome lm) there are two lucky letters with hairs (changing each 3 and 12 minutes), several gacha-gacha machines with earrings, and some hairs for 30 L$.

date: 08-31-2010.


hey, welcome to !Ohmai...!!!

there are some good freebies here (the white versions in the left house-shop, both floors).
you can check one of them in first picture: !Ohmai : Basics Puff Blouse BLANK.

dont miss the packs of tanks called "HighRise Tank". there are four different packs, and each one includes five colors. each pack costs just 5 L$ (see the second pic, showing the "[PIG]" color, wich is inside the !Ohmai : HighRise Tank BABYPOWDER PK).

finally, the third picture is showing a very nice suit (!Ohmai [Silhouettes] Asymmetry Bodysuit) that can be use in different ways: swimsuit or skinny top with pants or skirt... just let your imagination fly!! oh, i almost forgot: it is in the right house-shop and costs just 1 L$. note the sculpted black flowers attached to left shoulder... so cute...

date: 08-29-2010.


now i want to show you a very nice freebie in a lucky letter vendor (it changes every 5 minutes).
yeah, i know it isnt a new freebie, but anyway it is still there and it is cute and lovely anyway, isnt it? :)

the lucky letter contains sometimes a pair of short pants, and other times a blouse. both navy blue.
in the pic i am wearing the blouse.

good luck!! ;-)

date: 08-28-2010.


there is a nice green jacket and blouse suit for 1L$ only in Petunia.
and of course, high quality, as always in this store!!!

but hurry up, just for this weekend!

in the picture, you can check the blouse, cardigan jacket and scarf included in the pack ::P:: Petunia's Spring Retro Cardi Set, Olive.

date: 28-28-2010.

for my friend

we met in sl and probably we will not meet in rl.
but we have shared many moments, many important experiences that occurred in our lives.

you are one of the best friends i ever met in sl, and anyway you became a rl friend, such as a part of my family friends.

you were here, when i got my driving license.
you were here, when i was ill due to sadness.
you were here, hugging whenever i needed.
you were here, listening to my voice when i had something important to say, something important to show.
you were here, when i walked my first steps as a builder.
you were here, telling me i am a woman of great worth, when i thought i had lost everything.
you were here, feeling glad when i smiled due to my successes.
you were here, when i told you about a new happiness.
you were here, when i lost my shape.
you were here, when i crashed.
you were here, advising about interpretation.
you were here, always... holding my hand.

you are here.
and i know you will be here whenever i need you.

happy birthday, dear friend.

besos! ;-)

no importa la distancia

~Le~ Fashions

some good freebies in this store.
the picture shows the Brown Ripped Jeans (in one of the boxes at the entrance), and the Leopard Corset (from the ~Le~ Fashions Leopard Lingerie pack in the lucky chair, which changes every 3 minutes).

dont both match perfect? ;-)

date: 08-24-2010.



after a very long time busy in rl -yeah, many exciting projects in rl, yay!! ;-)- i come back with a new freebie.
now its time for shampoo.
there are some group gifts currently.

in the picture, Shampooo furyl blouse (Leopard) GG.

date: 08-24-2010.


cogiendo mi mano quisiste evitar mi marcha.
acariciando mi rostro quisiste memorizar mis rasgos.
abrazándome con esa fuerza de vida que fluye en las entrañas de la tierra quisiste retenerme para siempre.

acaso no sabías que mi esencia ya permanece en ti?
acaso desconocías que mi alma habita tu alma y sin la tuya no respira?

pero mi ser acoge con emoción tus manos, tus caricias, tus abrazos... porque son todo lo que quiero en esta vida.

unidos estamos, y así permaneceremos.

primavera anticipada

por sentado no doy
nada de lo que soy,
ni el latido más mínimo, ahora no.

its the air that i breathe,
its my fall at your feet,
it is my song
i sing when you are gone.

en esta primavera anticipada
que aumenta así
lo bueno dentro de mí.

lo sé,
eres mi horizonte, mi amanecer...
la prueba que
demuestra lo que puedes hacer.


all my hopes and my fears,
my hopes, my fears,
in this moment are clear.

you are the one, you are the one,
my moon, my stars, my sun...

en esta primavera anticipada.
me gusta así, sí, me hace volver a vivir.

lo sé,
eres mi horizonte, mi amanecer...
la prueba que
demuestra lo que puedes hacer.

flores, mosaico de color;
errores, cicatrizan hoy mejor en mí.

sin duda serás tú el artífice
en esta primavera que ya llegó, llegó...
ahora la siento a mi alrededor.