usually we forget those groups that need a space in our gorups list are useful... and we delete them in order to have more space available for other groups...
and what the hell...???!!! sometimes we realize that many of them are still as useful as a subscribo stuff...
thats what happend to me with this group, .:*WAvE.:*, because if you check the last notices in the group, you will get this very cute denim short. cmon!!! ;-)

in the picture, ][AV][jeans short blue GG june 2011.

date: 06-12-11.

<< PURE >> - last releases - 06-12-11

these high heeled shoes are some of the last releases in << PURE >>.

in the picture, "<< PURE >> Pure Shoes - Tamara in Red" (arent they sexy?).

thanks, angel4sky! ;-)

date: 06-12-11.

SLC - last releases - 06-12-11

these are some of the last releases in SLC.

first picture: "SLC Couture Gown Franni white" (available in more colors).
second picture: "SLC Group Gift June" (dont miss it!!).
last picture: "SLC Fashion Complet Hanna pink" (complete outfit, footwear and jewels included; available in more colors).

thanks, Serina! ;-)

date: 06-12-11.

ethnic memories outfit

clic the picture to enlarge.

hair: A&A Charis Hair Mixed Brown, boxed (for free in Second Life Marketplace from Alli&Ali Designs ➩ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AA-Charis-Hair-Mixed-Brown-braided-style-with-front-plaids-curls-and-colorableshowhide-streaks-PROMO-ends-June28/2315251).
shirt: ][AV][shirt ethnic red (prize in a lucky letter in ][AWRAM-VIIE][  ][AWRAM-VIIE][).
bracelet: PM Delight Fire Bangles Set (boxed) (for free in Second Life Marketplace from PM  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PM-Delight-Fire-Bangles-Set-boxed/1476591).
jeans: KoKo Diamond Jeans - Group Gift (group gift in Koko ➩ Koko).
footwear: << PURE >> Pure Shoes - Lady in Red (for free in Second Life Marketplace from << PURE >> ➩ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PURE-Pure-Shoes-Lady-in-Red/777758).

date: 06-12-11.