Evil Bunny Hunt 2 - I

hello hellooooo!!!

dear followers, also dear spies... Evil Bunny Hunt 2 is back!!!!

the hunt will start on april 3rd, till 30th april.
there are some interesting prices, specially objects and not only clothes.

you shouldnt miss it.

it will last almost one month, so im sure you will have time enough to have a look ;-)

please check the EBH2 blog for hunt hints and information about prizes and participating stores.
you will be also informed by joining the group Evil Bunny Hunts.

here comes your taxi for the starting point: EBH2 hunt - starting point.


you can grab a new group gift in (red)Mint. always sexy and styled!!

in the picture, the skin called ( r )M ~ (5rB) R A W ~ coldSKIN (light eyeBrows), which is included in the pack ( R E D ) M I N T ~ gG 04'12. it includes a skin in two versions, and many different options for parted lips and cleavage in tattoo layers. and important, also manicure!!!

date: 03-29-12.


you must visit this shop if wanna grab two very good mesh group gifts: a perfect blouse for spring, and a sexy fresh dress.

will you really miss it????

in first picture, the blouse called [celoe.rhonda.top.true].

in the second picture, the dress called [celoe.chelsea.dress]-Gift.

date: 03-21-12.


al final acaba bien; y si no acaba bien es que no es el final.

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there is a new group gift, a nice and happy spring inspired blouse in ::{u.f.o}::, can you feel the season coming? ;-)
there are new lucky letters also, and some gatcha stuffs.

in the picture, the blouse called ::{u.f.o}::vivaldi spring.

date: 03-15-12.

Leri Miles Designs

you will get a cool dress in Leri Miles Desings if you find the skull from The Freak Hunt. cmon! ;-)

in the picture, LMD MESH Beauty & The Freak Hunt.

date: 03-11-12.


informal lunch and wanna wear a nice soft comfortable dress? then this small-knit one is the one you need!! textures are really good, and its so cute... :)
it is a gift form PRISS.

in the picture, (PRISS) - Customer Appreciation / Gift/.

date: 03-11-12.


high quality nice complements, you shouldn't miss them. they are soooo cute :)

in the first picture, mouth attachment called [EY:NO] Sunflower Subscribe Gift (wear). it is the shops subscriber gift.

in the second picture, a necklace called [EY:NO] Vintage Lamb Necklace (Groupgift). it is a groupgift, and there is no fee for join!! ;-) isnt it kawaii??? ^^

date: 03-112.


if you wanna change your basic appearance for a while and dont want to spend any linden, visit FADED INK and get this skin for free as a group gift!!

in the picture, the skin called .:FI:. Elise Skin with Cleavage (it is contained in the .:FI:. Elise [Skin/Shape/Eyes/Brow] folder, with a shape, eyes and bald/brows).

date: 01-03-12.

right before spring outfit

click the picture to enlarge.

hair: =YunA'sHAIR=GROUPGIFT{ARISA-2}=[NTonBR] (group gift by !*+YunA'sHAIR+*% +.o-YunA'sHAIR-o.&.o-*e404-o.+).*
sweater: !1mm***  knit hoodie enji (LB) (lucky letter prize by **!1mm** 1mm village).
pants: {SMS} Folded Pants Deep Teal GG (group gift by {SMS} So Many Styles - mainstore).
footwear: [IHS]Sneakers Sweet Green (item for free by In Her Shoes In Her Shoes).

*please note that this hair has been highly modified by myself to match my color.

date: 03-01-12.