from the Seasons Hunt Leaf, in which you have to look for a fall leaf, this nice darkgreen dress...
there are many interesting clothes and items in this hunt and it will be on till 9th october, dont miss them!

date: 09-26-10.

+ Mariposa +

oh, i love this jewelry shop... it means high quality and wonderful desings.

there are some freebies here you cant miss: dresses/camisoles in several colors, bangles in urban style, bangles in several colors, two collars (in colors purple and blue) and a pair of green earrings.
yes, its all for free!! go and grab! :-)

in the picture, i am wearing the Mariposa: Vintaged - Gold/Green dress, Mariposa: Jewels: Droplet Earrings and Mariposa: Jewels: Augmentation - Jade (jewelry cant be seen probably detailed in the picture, but im sure you will have a look at it when you go to get the dresses/camisoles).

date: 09-26-10.

:: Fashion House ::

till 1st november, everything in this shop will cost 50L$! (i mean, the sale part in the shop where the mainstore is in).
and there are some lovely designs, dont miss it!

look at this shirt with embellished shoulder... isnt it cute? (-MonS- LongTop "Riha" *Yellow, 50L$).

date: 09-26-10.

Allure Mirror

a group gift again :)
there is a very cute blouse in Allure Mirror that you can grab if you join the group (10L$ fee).
really high quality for a very low price.

there are also two dollarbies ;-)

date: 09-26-10.


hello hellooooo!!!!

there some good clothes in this shop, EVOL, for 5L$; and there is also a skin in three tones (pale, medium and tan) for 50L$.

have a look, maybe a shirt...? just 5L$!!

shirt: Evol Paint Tee (5L$).
denim shorts: Evol Booty Shorts Black (5L$).

oh, you can grab for free an emo very pale skin with black tears too!!!

enjoy sunny sunday! ;-)

date: 09-26-10.


due to anniversary, till 10-08-10, there is a 50% off sale in ::JAZUMI::
dont miss this chance, there are some nice affordable clothes :)

in the picture, ::JZ:: Distressed Denim Mini [Blue] skirt (43L$) and ::JZ:: Tiffany [Breezy] sweater (50L$).

date: 09-25-10.

im back! ;-)

yeah, i came back from holidays... :-(
but to be true, i have to be very glad... these have been one of the greatest ones in my life! the places were very wonderful and my travelmate is one of the most amazing people ive ever met.
i have enjoyed a lot and i am waiting for next one :-)

its not easy now, when works start again for me, and i have so many things to do... but i will try to do my best here in sl (yes, also in rl, the most important one, but i can imagine you are not interested on it), posting freebies and 51L$ undies, building new stuffs, creating new animations, and growing a new shop...

so... i have to tell myself: cmon and welcome to fall!!! :-D

= Hal*Hina =

what about a very nice ribbonned camisole? no matter the real season in rl... always summer in sl!!!
and = Hal*Hina = means always high quality guaranteed.
the green one is for free in Deep Blue Sea market, and there is a purple version which costs just 1L$ in the new = Hal*Hina  = store in Ginza.

dont you miss them! ;-)

ops, i almost forget it: have a look at the lucky letter in Ginza, its very cute!

date: 09-24-10.

holidays again

hiya there, dear followers and friends!!

yes, i will be out again for holidays during some days. and now i will not be able to post via android, due to high fees on international internet roaming. so... sorry if you are one of those people who check the blog to keep informed about new freebies or dollarbies.
i wish i can grab most of them when i come back, and if no other sl fashion blogs have shown them, i will do it.

thanks for having a look here, and dont hesitate to leave a comment or contact me inworld if you feel so inclined.

xoxo! ;-)