its nice to check that this shop always has new gift groups and new prizes in lucky letters.
hairs here are really very nice, very... japanese styled ;-)
in sl, :::{{trico}}::: means quality.

the first picture is showing one of the lucky letters prize (:::{{trico}}::: LUCKY BOAD (light brown2)), and the second the group gift :::{{trico}}::: GROUP GIFT7 (light brown2).
yayyyy!!! lucky me... they both are my color... :)

date: 11-09-10.


there is a lovely freebie in this shop: colored knitted scarfs. dont miss them, winter is already here! ;-)
in the picture, JANE - loop de loop scarf.freebies - americana.

date: 11-09-10.

* Rezlpsa Loc *

dont you miss the hunts gifts and the grand opening gift; you will get a nice hair for 10L$ also.
its everything very cute :)

in the first picture, FTLO - #19 RezIpsa Loc (the double layer shirt; in this hunt, you have to look for a golden robot).
in second, Lucid Starry Night Hunt [store] 1 of # (black and pink uppers; in this hunt, you must look for a white star and pay 1L$ for it).
third picture is showing the grand opening gift: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Lucid Opening Gift (pants and shirt).

and also, notice the hair worn in both pictures is the * Rezlpsa Loc * ~ Sarah, AF 2010 Cheapie!, which costs 10L$; you can change its flower color! :)

date: 11-09-10.