Tic Tac Toe Early Summer Fair

hey, many different shops in a summer fair!
i have seen lots of clothes and complements from 5 to 50L$ in the fair area, and many different prices in the shops area (also under 50L$).

since there are many shops i will not list and landmark all of them. i will just show you some of the clothes and post one general landmark.

first picture: ::{u.f.o}:: floral swimsuit for 50L$.

second picture: oyakin simple blue shirt for 50L$.

third picture: ::{u.f.o}:: meeting jean and lace (denim romper) for 50L$.

fourth picture: :Liriope: dotstole greenb (scarf) for 10L$ in a random vendor machine.

fifth picture: AnA* Lucky board Sock 100329 (socks in a lucky board changing every 3 minutes) and ::{u.f.o}::candy flat(tomato-grungy) for 20L$ in a random vendor machine.

sixth picture: again AnA* Lucky board Sock 100329 socks and AnA* gacha slipper Bear home footwear from a random vendor machine for 20L$.

dont miss it, there are some interesting and good quality clothes.
enjoy it!!!

date: 07-06-2010 (it will be on till 07-11-2010).


breathe some soul in me,
breathe your gift of love to me;
breathe life to lay fore me
to see, to make me breathe.

breathe your honesty,
breathe your innocence to me,
breathe your word and set me free,
breathe to make me breathe.

this life prepares the strangest things,
the dreams we dream of what life brings,
the highest highs can turn around
to sow loves seeds on stony ground.