dont you miss this so sweety lingerie babydoll... its so nice and cute... your partner will love it ;-)
it costs 10L$ and you must be a group member (no fee).

in the picture, LB Marianna BabyDoll Group Special.

date: 01-11-11.


sometimes there is a free item in this shop, and always it is a high quality one.

these days, you can get for free a yellow winter hat (with its hair, of course). hairs colors are black, brown and blonde (i modified mine a bit to match my usual hair color).

in the picture, *.:[K]:.* MIMIBOUSHI yellow.

if you pay attention, you will check that many of the clothes cost 50L$, and there is also a flowered short pants for free. so its a good chance to get a bit of funny style!! ^^

date: 01-11-11.