just because i want...



yes, a new gacha-gacha prize in CriCri!!!
for only 20L$, you will win a muffler. there are many different colors, which one will be yours??? ;-)

in the picture, i am wearing the CriCri-Muffler-Beige1.

date: 11-07-10.

Magic of Christmas

hohohoooo...!!! seems xmas is a bit early this year! :)
nice gift in Magic of Christmas (@ Christmas Village * Holiday Village * Winter Village).
dont miss this red scarf, really nice for this cold time!!!

date: 11-07-10.


i didnt go to *RibboN* for a long time (maybe caused by some issues in sl that made me miss some ims and notecards)... and today i came back. and, omg, how nice surprises...!
please, check the pics yourself :)

in the first picture, *RibboN*Scarf Skirt (20L$).
in the second, *RibboN*ReToRo-Blouse(dot) 1 (prize won in a lucky letter which changes every five minutes).
and last but not least, Highwaist union jack skirt(R&B), available in a lucky letter (changing every five minutes), and also available for 20L$.

note: also gacha-gacha prizes, and all items in the shop are about 25-35 lindensL$. the most expensive i have checked cost 60L$, and a bib giraffe fur bib for only 1L$.

date: 11-07-10.