the last S@BBIAs group gift is a nice brown and white dotted dress. as usually in S@BBIA clothes, its sculpts are very good, and Jury has made an effort for it to be perfect, thanks Jury!! ^^

in the picture, S@BBiA::GroupGift No.21.

date: 02-18-11.

sexy rider outfit

clic the picture to enlarge.

hair: Exile Jane / All or Nothing, chestnut version (for free at EXILE ➩ EXILE).
jacket: "ROSSO+" Original Riders Jacket (prize in a 30 minutes camping chair at "ROSSO+"  "ROSSO+").
shirt: My Ts Grunge Tanktop Milk Ad (for free in Second Life Marketplace ➩ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/My-Ts-Grunge-Tanktop-Milk-Ad/1310721).
skirt: Shampooo Star pocket denim skirt< Indigo> (prize in a lucky letter at Shampoo - KDC Mall ➩ http://slurl.com/secondlife/KDC/177/82/22).
boots: [BUKKA]Western Boots ::black:: luckybox (prize in a lucky letter at [BUKKA] ➩ [BUKKA]).

date: 02-18-11.