freshly from the sl marketplace, a great and sexy pair of high heels sandals... in happy pink for a spring dance night... why not??? ;-)
of course, free and full equiped with a very complete hud for toenails, skin, sound, size...

dont miss it, your feet will look perfect and you will walk sexy... :-P

in the picture, ..TARA..Top Heels Dondine pink.

date: 03-21-11.


just arrived from holidays... with new vitality!!! ^^
so here it is the first freebie i post after my back.

in .::Y&R::. there is a new lucky letter for group members with a nice prize: a floral country-spring dress. it changes every 5 minutes.
there are also some more lucky letters for group members, group gifts, etc (some of them already posted before).
also dont forget to check that many of the items in the shop cost less than 50L$ and theyre high quality clothes.

in the picture, .::Y&R::.Country Girl dress LB.

date: 03-21-11.