now i want to show you a very nice freebie in a lucky letter vendor (it changes every 5 minutes).
yeah, i know it isnt a new freebie, but anyway it is still there and it is cute and lovely anyway, isnt it? :)

the lucky letter contains sometimes a pair of short pants, and other times a blouse. both navy blue.
in the pic i am wearing the blouse.

good luck!! ;-)

date: 08-28-2010.


there is a nice green jacket and blouse suit for 1L$ only in Petunia.
and of course, high quality, as always in this store!!!

but hurry up, just for this weekend!

in the picture, you can check the blouse, cardigan jacket and scarf included in the pack ::P:: Petunia's Spring Retro Cardi Set, Olive.

date: 28-28-2010.