*LFS*=Lycee feelings shop=

very good prizes in lucky letters for a very nice store, Lycee.

there are also two group gifts.

in the first picture, a detail of the dress LFS@black feather dress; in the second picture, LFS groupgift 0908 (both are group gifts).

in the third picture, a hair called LYCEE@LOVE! pepsl a girl hair, which is originally black, but i modified it to make it match my hair colour (in a lucky letter which changes every 3 minutes).

in the fourth picture, a sweet pink homestay set called LYCEE@baby dot darkpink (im not sure, but i think this lucky letter changes every 5 minutes).

and the last picture is showing a set of green skirt (also short pant version included) and red coat. lucky letter changing every 10 minutes. perfect for winter!! ;-)

date: 12-08-10.