now we can take this opportunity to get a free pant from lucky letters at izm... because usually its not easy to get one, due to +cat holic+ group fee and because the no-group luky letters changes every 30 minutes.
but the group lucky letter is changinf these days every minutes and it is settled into a different (and no fee to join) group, and because the other lucky letter (the one for no group members) is changing every 7 minutes.

so... you can get the pants easily these days (they are called izm.osare pants LB limited*).
in the picture, im wearing the belt and bag from those pants. isnt it cute?? yeah...

date: 01-30-11.


oh, its for free and its terribly good!!!! dont you miss it!!! yayyy... ;-)
in ::HH:: you will get this set checking the subscribe history.
and there is also a great sale in lingerie designs (top floor), and a "buy one, get one free" event till 02-02-11 (check also the surscribe history for instructions).

in the picture, ::HH:: Hucci Sateena - Rose Dust.

date: 01-30-11.

.:: S@BBIA ::.

why do we love .:: S@BBIA ::.??? because this store has impeccable textures and sculpted prims on its clothes. and also, of course, because .:: S@BBIA ::. is always giving out great group gifts and prizes in lucke letters!!! ;-)

in the picture, the last prizes from lucky letters from .:: S@BBIA ::.: a green jacket and ankle boots (S@BBiA::jacket Cotton Quilt:green:LB and S@BBiA::Flower print boots:Beige (LB)).
note that you have to check both shops (clothes and shoes) for getting both prizes.

date: 01-30-11.


in LINGERIE BOUTIQUE there are many lingerie sets on sale currently (they are on top floor).
dont forget also to check the mini-mania board: lately Leanne is giving out 75L$ giftcards... and, if you are lucky maybe you can get a 500L$ crazy round on weekend if shes around xD (thanks leanne!!).

in the picture, LB Alexandra Lingerie in White, for only 20L$.
check all the sales sets!!!

date: 01-30-11.


hey hey...!!!
an interesting sale from SLC, participating on the LOW Sale event...
you will check, this great lingerie set costs only 50L$. yes, im not joking!!

note that this event goes from thursday to thursday, so if you want it you must hurry up!! ^^

in the picture, SLC Beated Dress beige.
for me, it is pale pink version... ??
and it is available also in red and gray... though the notecard says they are beige, lilac and black.
but they all are so cutely sexy... mmm... ;-)

date: 01-30-11.


in .::Y&R::. there are two nice tees and a skirt in lucky letters (group join required, but no fee for it). and there is a group gift also xD
clothes in this store are carefree casual funny ones. so we must keep an eye on it for next designs ;-)

cmon, dont miss it, theyre all good clothes and theyre all for free!!

in the first picture, .::Y&R::.  Amazing~T-shirt (boxed) from a lucky letter.
in second one, the blouse which is a group gift, called .::Y&R::. Dotty laced top dress.
and in the last pic, skirt and tee form lucky letters, .::Y&R::.short laced skirt yellow LB and .::Y&R::. Bear in love tee.

date: 01-30-11.