we just have to join group (free) to get this fantastic group gift, a nice red sewater, for man and woman.
dont miss it!! ;-)

in the picture, Halcali:::OPENING GROUP GIFT.

date: 12-30-10.

Sweetest Goodbye

for free!! this store has two group gifts, one of them is perfect for winter (mittens), and the other one is perfect for sexy outfits (leggings, available in two versions: scratched and no scratched)...

in the picture, [SG*] DoggyMittens and [SG*} Group Gift Leggings.

date: 12-26-10.


this store comes this winter with a great group gift... dont miss it!!
available in different colors and with ear muff version and without, this hair is called Moonlight (*ARGRACE* Winter Gift (Group)).

thanks rika!!!

date: 12-26-10.


dont miss this gift... its a cute dress from Liriope. i really love it ^^ (:Liriope: Memories of PERIOD.)
its outside the shop, so use the sl-url i post here.

date: 12-20-10.


izm. is wishing us merry xmas with a nice gift in a lucky letter (it changes every 30 minutes, but sometimes the owner, Komachi Lemon is around and forces it for a earlier prize delivery, thanks Komachi!! ;-)).
its really a very good design, high quality one (as always in izm.). it in the first picture (izm.Rabbit fur jacket coat).

there is also a group gift (fee to join, 100L$, but its wotrh it because izm. always have group gifts, all of them very good ones), it is the same rabbit jacket but in red version and with knee socks. in the second pic, izm. Christmas gift jacket@Cat holic group.

and only for group members, there are two lucky letters (one with the first prize i talked about above), and other with soft sweet pink fur socks. they look really lovely!!! (see it also in the first picture, they are called izm. fur socks pink).

date: 12-19-10.

less freebies and trinkets posted in the blog

lately im having a lot of new exciting projects in sl and rl... so im not having time enough for hunts, lucky letters, group gifts, freebies nor dollarbies.
im very sorry for that, i see many of you are asking about it, and also i see you visiting my blog waiting for it.
i will post some, but not as often as i did last months. and i hope i again will post them frequently, but you know... i need 48h days in my life for everything i wanna do!! xD

thanks for your comprehension.



a new amazing surprise in *RibboN*! yyyyaaaay... you cant miss it :-)
as always, Mao Melody is designing great clothes for an affordable price. and, as always, lucky letters and gacha gacha keep good stuffs in her store.

in the first picture,*RibboN*Sweet knit(green)LB 1 from a lucky letter which changes every 5 minutes (also red version in another lucky letter beside).

and oooh, so seeetly warm... for only 30L$, the *RibboN*Nordic Poncho(RED).

date: 12-12-10.

::C'est la vie !::

nice xmas group gift, and also interesting prizes in the lucky letters (changing every 10 minutes).

::C'est la vie !:: X'mas gift nordic vest(red) and ::C'est la vie !:: X'mas gift nordic vest(moss) are shown in both first pictures; they are the great group gifts for xmas.
the pants are the ::C'est la vie !:: corduroy pants(brown)LB, from a lucky letter.

and in the last pic you can check this nice sweet sweater (::C'est la vie !:: knit turtleneck(mortlake blue)LB) and shoulder red muffler (::C'est la vie !:: [LB]on the shoulder muffler men(red)), both also won in lucky letters.

oh, and dont forget to check the gatcha gatcha prizes! (35L$ per play).

date: 12-11-10.

The Secret Store

what a great surprise!!! The Secret Store wants we to walk warm with this amazing coat, which you will get as a 10L$ prize in the Happy Holidays Hunt.

in the picture, The Secret Store - SIlver Snowflake coat. isnt it glamourously nice?

but dont forget to check the freebies, lucky letter and the other hunts prizes!!
in next pictures, POE3 Gift - [The Secret Store ] (shirt from the Peace On Earth Hunt); The Secret Store - Pumpkin wool tights and The Secret Store - Purple  wool tights (freebies); The Secret Store - Bow-Lero - Pumpkin (this orange bolero is the prize in the lucky letter, which changes every 5 minutes); and the matching set formed by the freebies The Secret Store - Sweet Sailor (pants) and The Secret Store - Salty Wind (shirt).

oh!, but dont you forget that there are more freebies! ;-)

date: 10-12-10.


from the Happy Holidays Hunt, this sooo nice and warm sweater in Modd.G.
you know, the prizes in this hunt cost 10L$, but... its worth it!!!

in the picture, [ #27 ] Happy Holidays From... modd.G

date: 12-10-10.


nice prize in a lucky letter which changes every 5 minutes. and no group needed!
in the picture, white shirt with pink hoodie, plus handwarmers (M*Motion C10-15a Hoodie & T-Shirt & Arm-warmer).

date: 12-09-10.

[ glow ] for The Dressing Room

a colorful trinket for The Dressing Room, by [ glow ].
high quality happy earrings, in mainstore they cost 200L$, but in The Dressing Room they cost only 45L$ (cmon, today is last day for this offer!!!).

in the picture, [ glow ] Studio - Folk Red Drop Earrings TDR.

date: 12-08-10.

[ glow ] mainstore: [ glow ]

*LFS*=Lycee feelings shop=

very good prizes in lucky letters for a very nice store, Lycee.

there are also two group gifts.

in the first picture, a detail of the dress LFS@black feather dress; in the second picture, LFS groupgift 0908 (both are group gifts).

in the third picture, a hair called LYCEE@LOVE! pepsl a girl hair, which is originally black, but i modified it to make it match my hair colour (in a lucky letter which changes every 3 minutes).

in the fourth picture, a sweet pink homestay set called LYCEE@baby dot darkpink (im not sure, but i think this lucky letter changes every 5 minutes).

and the last picture is showing a set of green skirt (also short pant version included) and red coat. lucky letter changing every 10 minutes. perfect for winter!! ;-)

date: 12-08-10.

my last pic

my last pic in sl... yes, this is me :)

i enjoyed so much doing it in sl, and after playing photoshop... ;-)


hohohoooo...!!! seems Kavar hides always some amazing surprises for us. so... if you check the suscribe history, you will get a bunch of male dirty skins (Mechanic skin). oh please, dont you try to wear it, instead ask your partner to go there, suscribe and check the history in order to receive the skins. but! there is a female gift also in that gift... a really great hair called Exile Rina/Chocolate Swirl ;-)

also im lucky... its my color!

note: there are more than one female hair in the suscribe history, and also some male items.

date: 12-07-10.

*Fishy Strawberry*

oh... there is a very nice xmas dress for free in this store (dont you miss it, its really cute!)... but i will not post it because i know many other freebies groups and bloggers have done already.

anyway, i dont want you to forget some other freebies in the shop, so i will post them.

in the picture, *Fishy Strawberry* Jewelled Cashmere Sweater - Blue.

there is also a funny lingerie set, a shirt (man and woman version), and some bangles. all for free!!!

date: 12-07-10.


there are some group gifts in this shop (most of them unisex jewelry).
and there is also a pair of black gloves and matching fur stole for 1L$ (shor and long option), which are the ones shown in the picture (::GB::Fur Store&Gloves SET); the stole isnt shown in the picture, but its very nice also :)

there are men shirts too (at last, a group gift for men!).

date: 12-07-10.


new groups gifts in *Latte*, and of course, they are very cute, and high quality ones.

i think sometimes we should thank shops owners and creators for their generosity. this happens with this shop, *Latte* and its owner and designer, cafelatte Snowfield. because often we receive good gifts, but a bit (just a little) worse than the rest of the things sold in the shop (and of course i can understand it, and i would probably do it in that way); but it doesnt happen with this shop: the gifts are always as good as the rest of clothes sold in the shop.
so...  thanks cafelatte ;-)

in between, the group gifts are a purple knit dress/top (different options), and a fur-ribbed black jacket, both shown in the picture (*Latte*Snowflake knit-Purple and *Latte*Fur short jacket-Purple).
also there are some pairs of tights in many colors!

date: 10-27-10.


R2 at -KDC MALL-

a great pair of shoes in KDC MALL, in a lucky letter wich changes every 10 minutes. you must be a KDC MALL group member (no fee).

in the picture, R2 "Koaniani"`elua Purple stripe.

date: 10-27-10.


going on the "With Love from..." hunt, Urbanista offers us, just for 10L$, this so very sexy blue lingerie set (all the prizes from this hunt cost 10L$).
your partner will love it... and you! ;-)

date: 10-27-10.


oh niiiice!
perfect for xmas, you can mix and match this dress easily with many complements :)

this stripes green dress costs just 10L$ in OPIUM. this is for group members only (no fee!).
you will love it, dont miss it!!

in the picture, Opium Winter Pinup Green Group Members only (available in OPIUM store at Avoca Resort).

note: dont you forget to have a walk and visit OPIUM at aVISTYLE Island, where there are many lucky letters with free clothes (group must be activated).

date: 10-11-10.


there is a good and high quality grey sweater and non-sleeves jacket as a group gift in .::CENSORED::.
dont miss it, and also try mixing and matching the jacket with different colors sweaters, you will love it!!

there are some lucky letters too, changing every 2 minutes! ;-)

in the picture, .::CENSORED::.Colete e Sweter (grey sweater and jacket).

date: 10-21-10.

Allure Mirror

Allure Mirror comes back again with a new group gift!!
yes, i know there is a fee for joining... but its just 20L$, and many of you will be group members already, so... dont miss this nice Allure Mirror - Sweater Knit (group gift).
you will feel warm wearing it... perfect for winter! ;-)

date: 10-20-10 (im sorry Allure, i posted it delayed... but i am really very busy in rl with lots of exciting projects...).


its nice to check that this shop always has new gift groups and new prizes in lucky letters.
hairs here are really very nice, very... japanese styled ;-)
in sl, :::{{trico}}::: means quality.

the first picture is showing one of the lucky letters prize (:::{{trico}}::: LUCKY BOAD (light brown2)), and the second the group gift :::{{trico}}::: GROUP GIFT7 (light brown2).
yayyyy!!! lucky me... they both are my color... :)

date: 11-09-10.


there is a lovely freebie in this shop: colored knitted scarfs. dont miss them, winter is already here! ;-)
in the picture, JANE - loop de loop scarf.freebies - americana.

date: 11-09-10.

* Rezlpsa Loc *

dont you miss the hunts gifts and the grand opening gift; you will get a nice hair for 10L$ also.
its everything very cute :)

in the first picture, FTLO - #19 RezIpsa Loc (the double layer shirt; in this hunt, you have to look for a golden robot).
in second, Lucid Starry Night Hunt [store] 1 of # (black and pink uppers; in this hunt, you must look for a white star and pay 1L$ for it).
third picture is showing the grand opening gift: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Lucid Opening Gift (pants and shirt).

and also, notice the hair worn in both pictures is the * Rezlpsa Loc * ~ Sarah, AF 2010 Cheapie!, which costs 10L$; you can change its flower color! :)

date: 11-09-10.

just because i want...



yes, a new gacha-gacha prize in CriCri!!!
for only 20L$, you will win a muffler. there are many different colors, which one will be yours??? ;-)

in the picture, i am wearing the CriCri-Muffler-Beige1.

date: 11-07-10.

Magic of Christmas

hohohoooo...!!! seems xmas is a bit early this year! :)
nice gift in Magic of Christmas (@ Christmas Village * Holiday Village * Winter Village).
dont miss this red scarf, really nice for this cold time!!!

date: 11-07-10.


i didnt go to *RibboN* for a long time (maybe caused by some issues in sl that made me miss some ims and notecards)... and today i came back. and, omg, how nice surprises...!
please, check the pics yourself :)

in the first picture, *RibboN*Scarf Skirt (20L$).
in the second, *RibboN*ReToRo-Blouse(dot) 1 (prize won in a lucky letter which changes every five minutes).
and last but not least, Highwaist union jack skirt(R&B), available in a lucky letter (changing every five minutes), and also available for 20L$.

note: also gacha-gacha prizes, and all items in the shop are about 25-35 lindensL$. the most expensive i have checked cost 60L$, and a bib giraffe fur bib for only 1L$.

date: 11-07-10.


oh... a really nice dress here, when you suscribe...
it is really something you cant miss.
available in six colors, it contains the clothes layes and three different sculpted parts; when you are wearing them all, you can change its color by touching. and also is resizable.

date: 11-05-10.

:: cover girl ::

there are nice dresses in this shop, they are really perfect for parties, coctails, romantic night dances...
and of course, a free gift! well, it is a lucky letter, which changes every 25 minutes.
have a look! ;-)

date: 11-02-10.

+ Lika Ruby + (at Magi Island)

as always, talking about Lika Ruby designs is talking about colorful nice very high quality desings.

i was having a walk in Magi Island and saw the last Lika Ruby gift group that she owns in this sim.
and oh... its sooo cute... 

in the picture, +LR G-gift-01-china-dress (group gift).

i will have to go to mainstore soon, to check latest items!! ^^ :)

date: 10-30-10.

magi take shop

dont miss this store, you must have a look here.
everything ive checked costs 45L$ or less, even fat packs! there are jeans, shirts, footwear, handbags, suitcases, skirts... also furnitures, but i havent checked that area.
and there is a wall filled of group gifts ^^ (upper floor).

in the picture, magi take leather high heels [ purple ] and magi take flight jacket  [ purple ], (both for free!!), and magi take skinny jeans [ indigo ] (35L$ fat pack, and 10L$ each).

there is also a halloween street market in the middle of the sim, where you will find interesting items for few lindens :)

date: 10-30-10.


you will get lots of gifts in this shop, whenever you active your group tag!
check one of them in the picture below ([Luce.]Asymmetric knit(OPEN GIFT)), isnt it nice??? yes, for free!!
cmon, run there and grab it!!! dont you miss it, its cute and nice for fall! and it is available in man and woman version ;-)

there are also two pairs of free tights and a cardigan :)

date: 10-29-10.