as every few weeks, *RibboN* wants us to be well-clothed with the lucky letters and the group gifts they are sending out these days...

dont miss it, the new dresses are really wonderful!!! ^^

in the first picture, the group gift called *RibboN*DOLL(for GIFT)BOX. i really love it, its very cute and it keeps a piece of innocence in our look. it was sent out via subscribo.
in second picture, the olive version of the *RibboN*DOLL(for GIFT)BOX, called *RibboN*DOLL(LB)BOX. it is the prize from a lucky letter.
and the last picture is showing the blouse *RibboN*Refined Tops(LB)BOX. isnt it nice? also atouch of pure innocence...
there is also a lucky letter which prize is a pair of red leather and creme fur boots.
remember that you dont need to be a group member for playing lucky letters, and prizes change every 5 minutes!! ;-)

date: 01-15-11.