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*G Field*

are you ready for christmas day? enjoy your meal with your loved ones, and be the prettiest girl :)
you will find a christmas mesh dress for free in light blue and red in this shop for free.

in the picture, the light blue version of the *GF* 2012 Holiday Gift Dress [Mesh].

date: 12-25-12.


you are lucky when you get a pair of high quality shoes for free. so dont you miss out this pair of red boots from LaRoo. you will find them as a subscriber gift.

in the picture, (LaRoo) Clyde Boots (Subscriber Gift).

date: 12-25-12.

ZUP::.. Store

in the same style of the last store, and also in the same parcel, there are two lucky boards in this shop.

in the picture, shirt and shorts from the ::Zup:: Spring Mesh Outfit Owl Black lucky board price.

date: 12-24-12.

NS::.. store

wanna try a sexy outfit for xmas? wanna feel comfortable? wanna look cute?
then you must visit this store!!

there are some free gifts beside the christmas tree and lucky boards inside.

in the first picture, dress from the lucky board price called NS:: PINK PUNK OUTFIT.
in the second picture, sweater called NS:: u`re Perfect to me Sweater (note that it is for not very big shapes).

date: 12-24-12.

BoHo HoBo

the gift in BoHo HoBo for the Peace on Earth Hunt is a very nice and colorful mesh cardigan. dont miss it, you will need it this winter and its quality is great!
it is called BoHo HoBo Peace on Earth Sweater.

in the shop you can check other gifts in the subscriber.

date: 12-10-12.


perfect for winter calm evenings, AL VULO! comes with a new skin as a group gift: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Eleonor ] - [ -Son of Flowers  ] group gift.

date: 12-02-12.


celebrating mothers day, there is a group gift in .::CENSORED::.
it is a complete set with mini-skirt, tank and lipstick. im sure you will not miss it!! ;-)

in the picture, .::CENSORED::.Set I love Mom

date: 05-13-12.


the new group gift from Lo*momo is very nice, a great wild ponytails hair with a ribbon. of course, it is resizable and the ribbon is available in different colors via menu. it can be also hidden.

in the picture, Lo*momo GroupGift(Apr, 2012).

date: 05-12-12.


if youre searching a sweet and cute young skin, dont forget to have a look here. in ROZENA you will find it, for sure.

and these days the store will make your day: there is a skin for 0L$. yes, yes!! its not a joke!!!

in the picture, the skin called ROZENA ~Laurie(tea)~ floral / 2012 Gift.

date: 04-29-12.

::C'est la vie !::

there is a new group gift in ::C'est la vie !::, will you miss it??? it is a nice miniflowered blouse-top.

in the picture, ::C'est la vie !:: Drape cami(flower)groupgift.

date: 04-12-12.

1mm village

you will always find good new free or cheap stuffs in 1mm: lucky kittens, group gifts, gatchas...

now its time for a group gift. it is a cute sweater :)
but dont miss the rest of group gifts: handbags, tights...

in the picture, !1mm***  flill lonT karasi.

date: 04-12-12.

Purrfect 10

need a new pair of high heels??? then dont miss this group gift, and now you got it!!
then, youre ready for for a new sexy chapter on your sl, haha...

in the picture, the shoes called Puurfect 10 Members Gift x.

date: 04-09-12.


you can grab a new group gift in (red)Mint. always sexy and styled!!

in the picture, the skin called ( r )M ~ (5rB) R A W ~ coldSKIN (light eyeBrows), which is included in the pack ( R E D ) M I N T ~ gG 04'12. it includes a skin in two versions, and many different options for parted lips and cleavage in tattoo layers. and important, also manicure!!!

date: 03-29-12.


you must visit this shop if wanna grab two very good mesh group gifts: a perfect blouse for spring, and a sexy fresh dress.

will you really miss it????

in first picture, the blouse called [].

in the second picture, the dress called [celoe.chelsea.dress]-Gift.

date: 03-21-12.


there is a new group gift, a nice and happy spring inspired blouse in ::{u.f.o}::, can you feel the season coming? ;-)
there are new lucky letters also, and some gatcha stuffs.

in the picture, the blouse called ::{u.f.o}::vivaldi spring.

date: 03-15-12.

Leri Miles Designs

you will get a cool dress in Leri Miles Desings if you find the skull from The Freak Hunt. cmon! ;-)

in the picture, LMD MESH Beauty & The Freak Hunt.

date: 03-11-12.


informal lunch and wanna wear a nice soft comfortable dress? then this small-knit one is the one you need!! textures are really good, and its so cute... :)
it is a gift form PRISS.

in the picture, (PRISS) - Customer Appreciation / Gift/.

date: 03-11-12.


high quality nice complements, you shouldn't miss them. they are soooo cute :)

in the first picture, mouth attachment called [EY:NO] Sunflower Subscribe Gift (wear). it is the shops subscriber gift.

in the second picture, a necklace called [EY:NO] Vintage Lamb Necklace (Groupgift). it is a groupgift, and there is no fee for join!! ;-) isnt it kawaii??? ^^

date: 03-112.


if you wanna change your basic appearance for a while and dont want to spend any linden, visit FADED INK and get this skin for free as a group gift!!

in the picture, the skin called .:FI:. Elise Skin with Cleavage (it is contained in the .:FI:. Elise [Skin/Shape/Eyes/Brow] folder, with a shape, eyes and bald/brows).

date: 01-03-12.


in the sweetest japanese style, this shop has some lucky letters, gorup gifts and dollarbies: skins, dresses, eyes, sweaters...
dont forget to walk around the whole shop, its very nice and free items and dollarbies arent all in the same place in the shop.

it is... kawaii ^^ isnt it?? ;-)

in the picture, a dress called : ) BCC  Pure  Angel  Dress Main store (it is the prize in a lucky letter).

date: 02-16-12.