Leri Miles Designs

you will get a cool dress in Leri Miles Desings if you find the skull from The Freak Hunt. cmon! ;-)

in the picture, LMD MESH Beauty & The Freak Hunt.

date: 03-11-12.


informal lunch and wanna wear a nice soft comfortable dress? then this small-knit one is the one you need!! textures are really good, and its so cute... :)
it is a gift form PRISS.

in the picture, (PRISS) - Customer Appreciation / Gift/.

date: 03-11-12.


high quality nice complements, you shouldn't miss them. they are soooo cute :)

in the first picture, mouth attachment called [EY:NO] Sunflower Subscribe Gift (wear). it is the shops subscriber gift.

in the second picture, a necklace called [EY:NO] Vintage Lamb Necklace (Groupgift). it is a groupgift, and there is no fee for join!! ;-) isnt it kawaii??? ^^

date: 03-112.