....:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::....

you cant miss this group gift of the month from ....:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...., it is a knit magenta dress, perfect for winter! and yes, it includes boots! (also tail and ears^^).
there are two mms and some old (but still fashionable) items beside.
in first picture, ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Sweetie (Magenta) -Group Gift-.

now you are in the store, so why dont you try to find the XXX-Mas Hunt price? (you have to search a candy cane). you will get a pack with three really great dresses, in red, gold and silver versions.
in the second picture, the red version of the #020 HCXXXH {Beautiful Dirty Rich} pack.

date: 01-15-12.


Butterflies Floating Island - Bohemian Moon

Description: Nice floating island with a set of two chairs and a table, agree and three butterflies really flying around. Each chair has a menu with 13 animations. There are some cute objects on the table too.

Prims: 17.

Plan: aprox. 12.3 x 12.3 m.

Permissions: Copy.

Check more pictures here: flickr.

If you want to purchase it as a gift, it is available in the Second Life Marketplace here: SL Marketplace.

Have a nice day!!!

Credits: Some Digital Elements in all Salanon Oliva's shops and products are by Lie Fhung - Ztampf.com.