winter sunday outfit

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hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Carolena/Java, exactly ^;^CaTwA^;^ Carolena/Java color (pack from the subscriber history by ^;^CaTwA^;^  CaTwA).
blouse: ::{u.f.o}::you are lucky girl (lucky letter prize by ::{u.f.o}::  ::{u.f.o}::).
pants: :SHUCREAM:THANKYOUGIFT2011(WEAR ME TO UNPACK!) (pants from a group gift pack by :SHUCREAM:  :Shucream: & ZZANG MAINSHOPS).
coat: [CheerNo] GIFT - HAPPY HOLLIDAYS (group gift available in group notices  CheerNo).
boots and leg warmers: [BUKKA]Heel Boots ::ivory:: lucky-box (lucky chair prize by [BUKKA]  BUKKA).

date: 12-31-11.


as a warm and comfortable group gift, directly from AOHARU & ANEXX, two pair of boots and a fur stole (in three different textures versions).

in the picture, AOHARU_FurStole_Leo(AttachA/Chest) and ANEXX_VolumeSocksAnkleBootee_Red[BOX]; they both are inside the AOHARU_XmasGroupGift_FurStole and Boots<3 pack.

date: 12-30-11.

Analog Dog Hair

hey hey heyyyyy!!!

there are three free hairs in Analog Dog Hair, don't forget to have a look there and grab them all!!!
they are in a free pack called Point B Holiday Gift.

in the picture, the hair called washu spice. it comes with a on/off/texture hat.
*note that i changed its color to fit mine.

date: 12-26-11.

dots girl outfit

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hair: ::Exile:: Veronique:Autumn/Fawn (one of the gifts belonging to the Exile Group Gift! Happy holidays :) pack, from the subscriber history by ::Exile::  EXILE). * note that i changed its color to fit mine.
sweater: Emery - Sweater Dots Zara [The Holiday] 01 (for free from Emery  Emery Mainstore).
shorts: ::{u.f.o}::we wanna hotpants (prize in a lucky letter by ::{u.f.o}:: ➩ ::{u.f.o}::).
footwear and handbag: Reila Skins - Bag & Shoes *Gift* (for free in the Second Life Marketplace from Reila Skins

date: 12-26-11.

*Bliss Couture*

don't miss this sooo great group gift from *Bliss Couture*!!

in the picture, *Bliss Couture* Free Fur Poncho Giftba (Wear Me).

date: 12-26-11.


[LeLutka] has just sent out a gift, a nice hair, perfect for christmas celebrations.
it has a princess small crown, but i turned it on transparent; i also changed the hair color to fit my usual one.

in the picture, hair called [LeLutka]-HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2011/12.

date: 12-24-11.


as usually, you will find several group gifts and lucky letters in the store.
and as usually, they are sooo cute ;-)

both first pictures are showing the same group gift (yes, if you get the group gift, you will receive both sweaters in a pack). the group gift is called ::{u.f.o}::christmas gift for my dear.

in last picture, a sweater called ::{u.f.o}::kamsahabnida -LB, from a lucky letter.

date: 12-23-11.

C'est la vie !

nice orange tartan jacket for a nice informal shopping evening ;-)
you will get this one for free in C'est la vie ! as a group gift for the 3000 members celebration.
enjoy it!

in the picture, ::C'est la vie !:: jacket wool(check orange)3000members.

date: 12-23-11.

chic christmas

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hair: Shag - Pretty Please - Group Gift (susbcriber gift by Shag, i changed its original color to match mine ➩ Shag).
sweater: .::Y&R::. Knit sweater group gift (group gift by .::Y&R::. ➩ .::Y&R::.).
skirt: .::Y&R::.Woolen skirt LB gift (prize in a lucky letter by .::Y&R::. ➩ .::Y&R::.).
footwear: :: PM :: Lace Pumps in White (group gift from PurpleMoon Creations, cost to join: 50L$ ➩ :: PM :: PurpleMoon Creations; also available on group notices).

date: 12-23-11.

my best wishes for christmas

*{ SeVered GarDeN }*

have you been a good girl las year? ;-)
then maybe you will need this shoulder bag to carry your santas presents!!
its so cute... so dont miss it!

it is a group gift from *{ SeVered GarDeN }* called .:.*{ S.G }*.:. XMAS Backpack - GIFT.

date: 12-21-11.

[ 2byte ]

hi hi!!! ^^

resuming my blogger life i start with a nice group gift from [ 2byte ]. it is a unisex cardigan. it looks so warm... i love it!!
* cost to join: 50L$.

in the picture, [ 2byte ] Indian cardigan.

date: 12-21-11.