::C'est la vie !::

nice xmas group gift, and also interesting prizes in the lucky letters (changing every 10 minutes).

::C'est la vie !:: X'mas gift nordic vest(red) and ::C'est la vie !:: X'mas gift nordic vest(moss) are shown in both first pictures; they are the great group gifts for xmas.
the pants are the ::C'est la vie !:: corduroy pants(brown)LB, from a lucky letter.

and in the last pic you can check this nice sweet sweater (::C'est la vie !:: knit turtleneck(mortlake blue)LB) and shoulder red muffler (::C'est la vie !:: [LB]on the shoulder muffler men(red)), both also won in lucky letters.

oh, and dont forget to check the gatcha gatcha prizes! (35L$ per play).

date: 12-11-10.