for my friend

we met in sl and probably we will not meet in rl.
but we have shared many moments, many important experiences that occurred in our lives.

you are one of the best friends i ever met in sl, and anyway you became a rl friend, such as a part of my family friends.

you were here, when i got my driving license.
you were here, when i was ill due to sadness.
you were here, hugging whenever i needed.
you were here, listening to my voice when i had something important to say, something important to show.
you were here, when i walked my first steps as a builder.
you were here, telling me i am a woman of great worth, when i thought i had lost everything.
you were here, feeling glad when i smiled due to my successes.
you were here, when i told you about a new happiness.
you were here, when i lost my shape.
you were here, when i crashed.
you were here, advising about interpretation.
you were here, always... holding my hand.

you are here.
and i know you will be here whenever i need you.

happy birthday, dear friend.

besos! ;-)