wowwww... dont miss this, arent these hoodies nice?
they are available in a gacha-gacha game in this shop, [+And Count+] (50L$ per play).

there are also group gifts and several lucky letters, all of them with really fresh prices.
have a look, its very nice!!!

date: 10-13-10.

amaré el ruido del viento en el trigo...

tú me has domesticado y mi vida se ha llenado de sol...
eres mi luz...

"pero, si me domesticas, mi vida se llenará de sol. conocerá un ruido de pasos que será diferente de todos los otros. los otros pasos me hacen esconder bajo la tierra. el tuyo me llamará fuera de la madriguera, como una música. y además, ¡mira! ¿ves, allá, los campos de trigo? yo no como pan. para mí el trigo es inútil. los campos de trigo no me recuerdan nada.
¡es bien triste! pero tú tienes cabellos color de oro. cuando me hayas domesticado, ¡será maravilloso! el trigo dorado será un recuerdo de ti. y amaré el ruido del viento en el trigo..."

Vita's Boudoir

oooh, there are so nice designs here...
they are really pretty for special occasions. would you like to feel like a star walking over a red carpet? then this is your shop!

now we are lucky: due to its first anniversary, there is a free coral-colored glamourous dress.

in the picture, i am wearing the shoulder piece of the anniversary dress (it is called Boudoir loves you!).
dont forget to have a look at the rest of the store, you will love it! ;-)

date: 10-13-10.


oooh, lazy weekend came with some new items from EVOL... yaaayyyy! ;-)

this shop contains freebies, dollarbies and cheap good clothes. so its a good place to go and have a look. sure, youll find a nice swinny shirt or short dress.
there is a discount area (everything costs 15L$ or less).
and you will find in the store rare eyes, skins, hats, piercings and some more stuffs there. everything affordable!

the dresses in the pictures all cost 50L$ (the first four pictures: EVOL Broken Heart Outfit, EVOL Munkey Outfit, EVOL Octopus Outfit and EVOL Yum Yumz Outfit).

the black shirt in the fifth picture is one of the eleven different black shirts included in the pack EVOL Comic Action Shirts TGI50L (the whole pack costs 50L$).

the last picture is showing a free shirt that you can find in the shop (EVOL Smoking Girl Tshirt).

thanks Dharma!! ;-)

date: 10-13-10.

EVOL (if the lm doesnt tp you to store directly, search the red beam or click the EVOL tp signal in the mall's hall).