hey, dont miss this shop! it is one of those shops run by a japanese designer. you know about that high quality primmed designs from japanese creators, so cute and lovely, countryside... i love that style for casual days :)
everthing here costs from 15 to 50L$, good prices!
there are also some cheap random vendors from 1 to 7 L$, and of course, lucky boards!

pictures are showing the prizes from the lucky boards: *RibboN*wataame-Hair(wear!) hair (sorry Mao, i modified it to match my usual hair color and the ribbon to match the blouse; i hope you dont mind), and *RibboN*Onesholder-Lacetops.

enjoy it! ;-)

date: 07-08-2010.

second life parody


starry nights

thanks to Robbie Dingo.

el tren de las 18:38

"con el tren de las 18:38 descubrí mi nueva vida. una nueva forma de sentir, de mirar… y también de sonreír.
encontré lo que buscaba sin saber que era eso lo que buscaba. la sencillez de las cosas, el valor del silencio, la sinceridad en una sonrisa, la serenidad en el fluir de cada segundo, el tiempo detenido en un instante encantado, una infinidad de sentimientos encerrados en una mirada…
gracias por crear toda esa magia.
gracias por quedarte a mi lado."

)) Twinkle Night Bazaar ((

flexagons villota, owner of Tic Tac Toe group (see my post about Tic Tac Toe Early Summer Fair here) told me about other event she is running currently: the Twinkle Night Bazaar. there are many products there from 0 to 50L$, and they all look really nice.

oriental outfits, magic objects... almost everything inspired in the stars touch.

thanks flexagons!

first picture: tomoto, twinkle - somnolence dress, for 50L$.

second picture: +Mocha+ - Wish Star (necklace and earrings) for 50L$ and tomoto, twinkle corsage pink (pink flower for hair) for 20L$.

third picture: *MayoNaise* Star-ified Tube Dress for 50L$, BB*Magic Star Staff (magic wand) for 30L$ and again +Mocha+ - Wish Star and tomoto, twinkle corsage pink.

fourth picture: Mees Ode to the stars TNB dress for 50L$ and un Jour*Regret* (flowers for hair, isnt it cute?) for 50L$.

fifth picture: detail of un Jour*Regret*.

sixth picture: loveme.star set yellow blouse (the pack includes pink and green also; it also has matching colors bracelets) for 30L$ and again +Mocha+ - Wish Star.

seventh picture: couverture*Lace Hem Tunic >Star :Twinkle Night Bazaar (black blouse with stars) for 50L$.

eighth picture: +mocha+  -  Lucky Star Camisole (pack includes colors blue, red, green and yellow) for 50L$.

date: 07-08-2010.