from the Seasons Hunt Leaf, in which you have to look for a fall leaf, this nice darkgreen dress...
there are many interesting clothes and items in this hunt and it will be on till 9th october, dont miss them!

date: 09-26-10.

+ Mariposa +

oh, i love this jewelry shop... it means high quality and wonderful desings.

there are some freebies here you cant miss: dresses/camisoles in several colors, bangles in urban style, bangles in several colors, two collars (in colors purple and blue) and a pair of green earrings.
yes, its all for free!! go and grab! :-)

in the picture, i am wearing the Mariposa: Vintaged - Gold/Green dress, Mariposa: Jewels: Droplet Earrings and Mariposa: Jewels: Augmentation - Jade (jewelry cant be seen probably detailed in the picture, but im sure you will have a look at it when you go to get the dresses/camisoles).

date: 09-26-10.

:: Fashion House ::

till 1st november, everything in this shop will cost 50L$! (i mean, the sale part in the shop where the mainstore is in).
and there are some lovely designs, dont miss it!

look at this shirt with embellished shoulder... isnt it cute? (-MonS- LongTop "Riha" *Yellow, 50L$).

date: 09-26-10.

Allure Mirror

a group gift again :)
there is a very cute blouse in Allure Mirror that you can grab if you join the group (10L$ fee).
really high quality for a very low price.

there are also two dollarbies ;-)

date: 09-26-10.


hello hellooooo!!!!

there some good clothes in this shop, EVOL, for 5L$; and there is also a skin in three tones (pale, medium and tan) for 50L$.

have a look, maybe a shirt...? just 5L$!!

shirt: Evol Paint Tee (5L$).
denim shorts: Evol Booty Shorts Black (5L$).

oh, you can grab for free an emo very pale skin with black tears too!!!

enjoy sunny sunday! ;-)

date: 09-26-10.