quotes 4

PB‧: a mi lo que me mata es su corte de pelo
PB‧: jajajajajajaja
Salanon Oliva‧: aí tb
Salanon Oliva‧: jajajjaa
Salanon Oliva‧: y el pelo en pecho jaajajaja

quotes 3

Salanon Oliva‧: pues no, hasta me ha ofrecido un abrazo y todo con la pseudopolla esa puesta, jajjaja
Salanon Oliva‧: qué risa me ha dado
PB‧: jajajaja
PB‧: y a mi
Salanon Oliva‧: alá es grande y misericordioso...
Salanon Oliva‧: pues no
PB‧: aun me estoy riendo
Salanon Oliva‧: q me ha salido pseudopolla
Salanon Oliva‧: jajajaja
PB‧: jajajajaja
PB‧: ay q dolor de barriga
Salanon Oliva‧: jajajjaa
Salanon Oliva‧: ten cuidado muchaaaaacha
PB‧: jajajaja
PB‧: es q me lo he imaginado y lo he visto ▀▀▀▀▀▀
PB‧: como si viera la cara de▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
Salanon Oliva‧: jajajaja
PB‧: mirandote tu pseudopolla
Salanon Oliva‧: menos mal q es muy educado y discreto, jajaja
Salanon Oliva‧: hombre, se veía claramente q era una manga... él no lo ha llamado polla ni nada de eso. pero a mí me lo ha precido, jajaja
PB‧: jajajajajaja
PB‧: estoy llorando ▀▀▀▀▀▀
Salanon Oliva‧: jaaaajajajajjaa
Salanon Oliva‧: es q me pasan unas cosas q sólo me pueden pasar a mí
Salanon Oliva‧: claro, el tío ese q me ha dicho q tenía un avatar sexy resulta q tb usaba emerald!!! jajajaja
PB‧: jajajajaa
PB‧: ate lo juro que se me salian las lagrimas
Salanon Oliva‧: me muero de risa
Salanon Oliva‧: jajaja
PB‧: jajajajaja

quotes 2

kD: con la feorraaaa esa

quotes 1

CB‧: a guy said cleaning the jumpers on the card may help...
Salanon Oliva‧: (... and i have checked that the last one i bought is better, sounds well compared with the old one)
Salanon Oliva‧: cleaning the jumpers?
Salanon Oliva‧: whts tha?
CB‧: they connect plugs on your card... like the master/slave configuration on a CD-Rom-drive.
Salanon Oliva‧: dunno what it means...
CB‧: ok... so better not to clean them! :-)
Salanon Oliva‧: yep...
CB‧: the blue things on this pic are jumpers: http://www.hardwarezone.com.my/img/data/articles/2009/2835/CPU_FSB.jpg
Salanon Oliva‧: aaaaah! yes... i will open my computer, search those lego parts, take them, wash it with water and soap, dry with my hair dryer... and connect again in my computer... hahahahahaa!!
CB‧: don't forget the spin-dryer
Salanon Oliva‧: oh yes... do you think i could use bleach... or ammonia also...?
CB‧: they are so small... usually I lose them.
Salanon Oliva‧: ooooh! can i wash them in the washing machine???!!!!
Salanon Oliva‧: nice ideaaa!
CB‧: did you have a clown for breakfast today?
Salanon Oliva‧: no... :(

china style at Lika Ruby

i love this china styled dress in a lucky letter vendor (changing every 10 minutes). you can wear it in short or long version.
it matches perfect with one of the flower hairpins sold in the same shop for 20L$ (you just need to be lucky with the color... and i was!!!).

you can check them in the first picture below.

also in this shop you can get a first anniversary group gift, its a white and blue rhombus dress which can be worn as short or long dress, and also as just a top. yes, for free!

shown in a picture below also.

date: 06-13-2010.

world cup 2010 bikini

there are some freebies and trinkets in all floors in this shop, and some lucky chairs too.

my election: a nice south africa 2010 - fifa world cup bikini in this shop for only 5L$. in a table beside it you can get free sunglasses also. both are shown in the picture ;-)

pd: you can join a contest for being the sl miss world cup 2010 and a model of OC Creations if you purchase one of the world cup bikinis. good luck!

date: 06-13-2010.

greenies home

i want to open the "locations" label with this lm. greenies home is one of the funniest and more original places in sl. and also its an important place for builders, because of the highly detailed and well built objects.

need some condoms? im sure greenies will be pleased to lend you some...

yes, that greenie is right when says you feel better after a break and a citrus stump. he is good at conversation, hahaha!

since i started smoking, life is much more tasteful...

enjoy it! ;-)