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2nd life tab

i dont like to be spammed, so please dont invite me to join your shopping/disco/mall group: probably i wont be interested and will anger.
please dont offer tp nor friendship if we havent talked/met before.

i love building but im not an expert; anyway, currently i cant attend any custom-made order.

please dont tell me what i must do inworld and how i must have fun. live your own sl and ill live mine.

my groups are hidden: yes, im really unfriendly.

now im stronger than i was when started living my sl.

why this blog?

hi, dear followers.

if you are here, its probably because you have known about me in sl.
maybe you wonder why ive started this blog... the answer is very simply: sl profile desnt let me show all i want to tell; yeah, few tabs available and too small fields there.

i was born in sl in 3rd december, 2006. currently my partner field is empty and my groups are hidden in sl.

i want to build, explore and sell; i want to drive a "retro" tank escorted by my scifi robots army also.
my skills in sl are textures (just a bit), architecture and wasting my time in stupid stuffs.
i can speak bad english, spanish and beep-beep robots orders.

i will go on blogging here and improving this blog.
though im living in europe, time showed in posts is pacific time, in order to coordinate with sl hour.
i am sorry if you cant understand my mother languaje or if i make too many mistakes in english.

thanks for having a walk in here.

salanon oliva - sl.