demure girl outfit

yaaayyyy... these days life exists also outside the Skin Fair 2011!! its soooo laggy... :-(
so if you wanna have a rest and just pick some great freebies or group gifts for free out of the lag, have a look at this outfit ;-)

clic the picture to enlarge.

hair: :Liriope: Rose / :Liriope: 2nd anniversary gift in :Liriope: (second anniversary gift for group members ➩ :Liriope:
sweater: ** [ Riddle ] ** Vintage Floral Sweatshirt in grey version, at RIDDLE (gift in subscribo history ➩ RIDDLE).
pants: ][AV][jeans rollup black (prize in a lucky letter in ][AWRAM-VIIE][ ➩ ][AWRAM-VIIE][
footwear: PB >> Deck Shoes :: Blue Leather (leather laces) (for free in Second Life Marketplace from the PB >> Deck Shoes :: MegaPack ➩ (

date: 02-23-11.


the last S@BBIAs group gift is a nice brown and white dotted dress. as usually in S@BBIA clothes, its sculpts are very good, and Jury has made an effort for it to be perfect, thanks Jury!! ^^

in the picture, S@BBiA::GroupGift No.21.

date: 02-18-11.

sexy rider outfit

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hair: Exile Jane / All or Nothing, chestnut version (for free at EXILE ➩ EXILE).
jacket: "ROSSO+" Original Riders Jacket (prize in a 30 minutes camping chair at "ROSSO+"  "ROSSO+").
shirt: My Ts Grunge Tanktop Milk Ad (for free in Second Life Marketplace ➩
skirt: Shampooo Star pocket denim skirt< Indigo> (prize in a lucky letter at Shampoo - KDC Mall ➩
boots: [BUKKA]Western Boots ::black:: luckybox (prize in a lucky letter at [BUKKA] ➩ [BUKKA]).

date: 02-18-11.


hey hey!!! you can grab this so sweet and cute babydoll lingerie set for free in :::DR:::
yes, it looks a great valentines set... but if you dettach the heads ribbon you can use it also the rest of year ;-)

dont forget to check the freebies and the lucky letter with the "Japanesque skin", it looks great!!!

in the picture, :::DR::: 1st anniversary Gift* Pink Baby Doll.

date: 02-15-10.

bright and happy outfit

im opening this label/category with a very bright and happy outfit.

click the picture to enlarge.

skirt: *salire Group gift(8) (group gift from *salire ➩ *salire Main store).
shirt: >>>Poison<<< regalo de navidad (group xmas gift from >>> POISON <<< ➩ >>> POISON <<<).
hair: Exile Ali/ All or Nothing, chestnut version (for free at EXILE ➩ EXILE).
boots: GLD Uggs Group Gift Moss (group gift from GLD ➩ GL Designs Main Store).
scarf: couverture - Neck warmer >Purple  :Women (from couverture, prize from the Cupid heart Hunt 2011 ➩ couverture).

date: 02-07-11.


*salire has just placed the new group gift, a cute blak/white printed dress with sculpted parts ^^
also, dont forget to check othe group gifts sent out before, and also a lucky letter and nice dollarbies upstairs!!

in the picture, *salire Group Gift(11).

date: 02-06-11.

Allure Mirror

cmon and grab it!! its perfect for a disco friday night...

Allure Mirror is giving out these days as a group gift a golden sequins veeeery short skirt ;-)
joining the group costs only 20L$, will you miss it???? (there are group gifts quite often).

in the picture, Allure Mirror - Skirt Sequin (gold)(group gift).

date: 02-06-11.