hey, welcome to !Ohmai...!!!

there are some good freebies here (the white versions in the left house-shop, both floors).
you can check one of them in first picture: !Ohmai : Basics Puff Blouse BLANK.

dont miss the packs of tanks called "HighRise Tank". there are four different packs, and each one includes five colors. each pack costs just 5 L$ (see the second pic, showing the "[PIG]" color, wich is inside the !Ohmai : HighRise Tank BABYPOWDER PK).

finally, the third picture is showing a very nice suit (!Ohmai [Silhouettes] Asymmetry Bodysuit) that can be use in different ways: swimsuit or skinny top with pants or skirt... just let your imagination fly!! oh, i almost forgot: it is in the right house-shop and costs just 1 L$. note the sculpted black flowers attached to left shoulder... so cute...

date: 08-29-2010.