free avatar alpha overlays

since we are all using mesh clothes, sometimes have problems with alpha layers because yes, clothes designers uaully include and alpha texture for your new shopping...
but what about footwear? i really dunno why footwear designers dont include it also. must we back using those terrible invisiprims??? omg, no!!! :-S

luckily there are some items for free in the marketplace that will fix our feet problems.
today i purchased the Avatar Alpha Overlays (10/13/11 update), and i must say this is one of the most useful free stuffs i ever grabbed.
it includes alpha layers, and also alpha textures for making your own alpha layers using more alpha textures.
and alphas are for feet and toes, of course, and also for ears, elbows, butt and knees.

thanks Immy!!!!

date: 11-29-12.