my last pic

my last pic in sl... yes, this is me :)

i enjoyed so much doing it in sl, and after playing photoshop... ;-)


hohohoooo...!!! seems Kavar hides always some amazing surprises for us. so... if you check the suscribe history, you will get a bunch of male dirty skins (Mechanic skin). oh please, dont you try to wear it, instead ask your partner to go there, suscribe and check the history in order to receive the skins. but! there is a female gift also in that gift... a really great hair called Exile Rina/Chocolate Swirl ;-)

also im lucky... its my color!

note: there are more than one female hair in the suscribe history, and also some male items.

date: 12-07-10.

*Fishy Strawberry*

oh... there is a very nice xmas dress for free in this store (dont you miss it, its really cute!)... but i will not post it because i know many other freebies groups and bloggers have done already.

anyway, i dont want you to forget some other freebies in the shop, so i will post them.

in the picture, *Fishy Strawberry* Jewelled Cashmere Sweater - Blue.

there is also a funny lingerie set, a shirt (man and woman version), and some bangles. all for free!!!

date: 12-07-10.


there are some group gifts in this shop (most of them unisex jewelry).
and there is also a pair of black gloves and matching fur stole for 1L$ (shor and long option), which are the ones shown in the picture (::GB::Fur Store&Gloves SET); the stole isnt shown in the picture, but its very nice also :)

there are men shirts too (at last, a group gift for men!).

date: 12-07-10.