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CB‧: a guy said cleaning the jumpers on the card may help...
Salanon Oliva‧: (... and i have checked that the last one i bought is better, sounds well compared with the old one)
Salanon Oliva‧: cleaning the jumpers?
Salanon Oliva‧: whts tha?
CB‧: they connect plugs on your card... like the master/slave configuration on a CD-Rom-drive.
Salanon Oliva‧: dunno what it means...
CB‧: ok... so better not to clean them! :-)
Salanon Oliva‧: yep...
CB‧: the blue things on this pic are jumpers: http://www.hardwarezone.com.my/img/data/articles/2009/2835/CPU_FSB.jpg
Salanon Oliva‧: aaaaah! yes... i will open my computer, search those lego parts, take them, wash it with water and soap, dry with my hair dryer... and connect again in my computer... hahahahahaa!!
CB‧: don't forget the spin-dryer
Salanon Oliva‧: oh yes... do you think i could use bleach... or ammonia also...?
CB‧: they are so small... usually I lose them.
Salanon Oliva‧: ooooh! can i wash them in the washing machine???!!!!
Salanon Oliva‧: nice ideaaa!
CB‧: did you have a clown for breakfast today?
Salanon Oliva‧: no... :(


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So finally the computer becomes part of the female world!
Greetings, C.B.

Anonymous commented

hehe, yes...
thanks for your help thinking on how to clean those lego jumpers parts :)


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