if youre searching a sweet and cute young skin, dont forget to have a look here. in ROZENA you will find it, for sure.

and these days the store will make your day: there is a skin for 0L$. yes, yes!! its not a joke!!!

in the picture, the skin called ROZENA ~Laurie(tea)~ floral / 2012 Gift.

date: 04-29-12.

SLC - last releases - 04-27-12

these are some of the latest releases in SLC.

both clothes, top and shorts, are mesh items.
you will find them in several options: different colors camouflage shorts and denim shorts, and a great variety of fabrics for the top.

there are also more new items in the store, such as dresses (also mesh).

in the picture, SLC Mesh Strapless Tube Top flowers red and SLC Mesh Jeans Shorts.

thanks, Serina! ;-)

date: 04-29-12.